In addition, Jeffrey was Director of Massage Therapy at Glendale Career College for four years, where he collaborated in writing and implementing curriculum within their national five-college system. For fifteen years, Jeffrey studied with breath teacher Carl Stough. Through study at the non-profit Stough Institute of Breathing Coordination in New York, Jeffrey came to understand how important true diaphragmatic breath is for health and how this differs from other, often times forced, breathing techniques. This way of breathing respects the natural healing rhythms of the human body and provides relatively easy ways to find resolution for many seemingly serious conditions. 

Through breath, bodywork and massage Jeffrey has created tools focused on reconnecting with the physical, mental and emotional experience to allow natural, innate healing to return. Each person then discovers his or her own unique healing process. He works with medically difficult cases and has seen dramatic improvement in cases of neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and other types of nervous system disorders, pleural effusion, COPD and other breathing disorders, and many types of back problems and connective tissue disorders, often when other medical professionals have given up or had no viable options to offer. Jeffrey has also used these approaches working with animals, adding dogs, cats and horses to his list of clients and has been pleased to find how readily the approaches translate to them.

In the dance world, Jeffrey collaborated, toured, and performed with the Carol Solomon Dance Company in the mid-90s. He explores and teaches the relationship between dance, movement and healing through the form known as “Contact Improv” and currently organizes the Santa Monica Contact Improv Jam. He set the world record for "longest distance swinging on rings whilst hula hooping" in 2013.  As a healing artist, Jeffrey has worked with dancers from The New York City Ballet and Alvin Ailey Dance Company as well as various other professional performing artists. As he continues his research, he teaches and works with clients across the US and Europe.










Images taken April 11, 2013 when Jeffrey  was setting the world record at age 51

Jeffrey Nash, MT(Cert# 61159) began to explore holistic healing in the late ‘70s. During more than 35 years of work and study he has created an eclectic distillation of health approaches known as "The Awakening Process®". In The Awakening Process, our focus is to return to the basics of what healing is—the natural movement toward our joy and our wholeness. For almost 25 years, Jeffrey was a body therapist and Director of Massage and Breath at the Simonton Cancer Center working under the guidance of the physician most often considered the "father of mind-body medicine for cancer patients," Dr. O. Carl Simonton, MD. 

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