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The Awakening Process®

The Awakening Process® Dance Jam

The Awakening Process Dance Jam is a weekly process class and dance jam with music intended for you to deepen your experience of yourself, your healing and your bliss.

During the first hour or so, there will be a led warm-up which includes anointing with essential oils. Primarily we use the tool of awareness to find true diaphragmatic breath which we explore in a natural, unforced way. Each week we cover different topics ranging from but not limited to opening energetic meridians, embodied anatomy, elements of craniosacral unwinding and working with emotions as immune system. We hope to help you clarify and deepen your experience of your innate healing ability.

The last half is an open jam with music and light facilitation, taking the principles explored during the warm-up into your own improvisational dance exploration. You are encouraged to incorporate the facilitative invitations as they serve your experience. This jam is Contact Improv friendly.

Suggested Donation: $15​