The Awakening Process®

The Awakening ProcessⓇ is the term I began using for my work and my classes back in the mid 80’s as I realized that our path, our healing, our growth, is actually about waking up to who we really are.  This awakening is a progressive process, with each awakening creating the foundation for the next.  This “process” of awakening is natural to us, it is built in to us.  We can see it in how children develop. They are driven by curiosity and the desire to grow and learn. 

Our biology demonstrates this process as well.  Our body's wisdom is beyond measure. Every second it processes an immense amount of information while regulating uncountable interactions, functions and responses in order to achieve health and balance, while guiding us back to our awakening journey. This guidance comes as our body gives us feedback about how to receive health and balance while showing us what we are doing to interfere with this process. 

If our training, beliefs, and coping mechanism override our natural, innate healthy balance, our body gives us feedback through our sensations and feelings.

The foundation of The Awakening ProcessⓇ techniques is our awareness.  Awareness serves as a universal remedy to whatever unconscious patterns and habits have developed through training beliefs and coping.  As we become aware of our sensations and feelings they guide us to where the unconscious patterns reside in our body/mind.

Since the breath is an integral part of our body’s regulation system, and is readily available to our awareness, its connection to our inner balancing wisdom can be quite useful. As we experience our breath consciously, it takes us on a developmental journey into the depths of our inner wisdom.

The Awakening ProcessⓇ practice involves tuning the awareness to continually strengthen our conscious relationship to the inner wisdom that resides in us to let it guide us.

I teach and facilitate The Awakening ProcessⓇ approach for those who are interested in being guided by the infinite wisdom that resides in them. I use a combination of awareness development and unforced diaphragmatic breath meditation, body and energy work with students in my classes and with private clients.  The work can be done in a massage table type setting, seated, in motion or in any other context that we experience in life.  This is a perspective of healing that encourages full participation of all aspects of the self, and many people have experienced vast leaps in physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing.  Please contact me for more information on individual sessions and intensives.

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The Awakening Process®