The Awakening Process®

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The Awakening Process®

The Awakening ProcessⓇ is the term I began using for my work and my classes back in the mid 80’s as I realized that our path, our healing, our growth is actually about waking up to who we really are.  This awakening is a progressive process, with each awakening creating the foundation for the next.  This “process” of awakening is natural to us, it is built in to us. From what I can see in my work and life, it will happen one way or another.  “Awakening” a particular part of ourselves can take decades, or even longer; or it can take minutes. That is where this work comes in. 

The process is amazingly simple; we use our awareness to illuminate what we are not “conscious” of in our “Consciousness”.  The conscious, small “c”, is what we are aware of, while the Consciousness, large “C” is the entirety of who we are.  While being amazingly simple, it is also infinitely intricate, with the layers of awakening progressing (from our physical perspective) infinitely.  Over the past 30 years, the system that I call The Awakening ProcessⓇ has continued to evolve into tools of greater and greater clarity and efficiency for illuminating the un-conscious parts of ourselves. 

I began this work focusing on physical healing, specializing in back conditions, breathing disorders, chronic pain and other such “physical” conditions.  But through my work with oncologist and radiologist Dr. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center, I was given powerful lessons in the inseparability of body and mind.  The revelation that emotions are actually part of the immune system took the work to an entirely new level.  Now I find that there is no area of our lives that does not respond powerfully to the tools of awakening.  Physical, mental, emotional, situational and certainly spiritual aspects are all transformed as we become more “awake”.  

Being “awake” is much more than an idea.  We can “think” that “we are infinite sparks of divinity” for hours a day without awakening much beyond that single idea.  The trick is to embody the awakening and allow it to progress. 

Don’t get me wrong though, ideas are very useful!  For me one of the most important tests is: “Are the concepts that I am working with scientifically sound? Do they make sense?!"   I love to explore the available research related to the principles I present in my work.  When the "science" and the principles do not align I then deepen my exploration until they once again come into harmony.

But understanding the science is only a starting point.  The real power kicks in when we allow our design, what we are, to be illuminated by our awareness, and to “digest”, as a part of our conscious experience.  Then it becomes our resource, available to serve us.

I facilitate a process for healing which seeks to integrate the whole person through awareness of the relationship of body to mind to memory. I use a combination of awareness development, unforced diaphragmatic breath, body and energy work with clients that typically work in a massage table type setting, but lying down is not necessary. In fact movement is a welcome expansion of the work. It’s a perspective of healing that encourages full participation of all aspects of self, and many people have experienced vast leaps in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.